BETONSTATIONS.NL is a Dutch franchising company founded in 2014 with the aim of creating a network of small concrete mixing plants for the sale of concrete and screed take away. The companies are affiliated to BETONSTATIONS.NL to take advantage of the technical, commercial and marketing know-how.
In the Dutch market, as well as in many other European and world markets, there are many small companies operating in the construction, renovation and maintenance sectors that require minimum quantities of concrete or other cement mixtures for their works. Normally they are forced to mix on site, using electric cement mixers, meeting logistics costs, labor costs and final cleaning that are very high compared to the quantities to be produced and also without the guarantee of a certified product.
Kimera solution
BETONSTATIONS.NL has identified in the Kimera SMALL model the most suitable concrete mixing plant for two main reasons:
_ the DOUBLE TRANSPORT BELT: the two aggregates, sand and gravel in this case, are transported by two independent belts, each equipped with its own weighing system, and it is therefore immediate to change from concrete to screed.
_ the MINIMUM PRODUCTION VOLUME achievable: BETONSTATIONS.NL customers can buy even only 0.15 m³ of product.