Flamecrete Ltd. was founded in 2014 in Zambia by the general contractor Flame Egypt Ltd. with the aim of producing and selling ready-mix concrete.
Problem to be solved
Logistics in a country like Zambia immediately emerged as the main factor to win the challenge with other competitors already on the market and organized with the classic stationary mixin plant and truck mixers for on-site deliveries. Traffic in the capital Lusaka can be terrifying and causes delays such as to prejudice ready-mix concrete in the mixer truck.
Kimera solution
Flamecrete has chosen to equip itself with a fleet of 7 Kimera plants mounted on Scania 8x4 trucks to offer its customers the highest quality of fresh concrete and avoid having to unload the concrete to avoid solidification as in the case of truck mixers. Flamecrete has signed, since 2014, a joint venture with the Lafarge group.