The most advanced mobile concrete plant in the world!

Kimera S430 is a continuous mixing plant for concrete, screed, mortar, cold asphalt and fiber-reinforced concrete. The plant carries all materials, sand, gravel, cement, water and liquid admixture separately on site. The mixing phase takes place on site according to the mix design set by the operator avoiding the waste and risks associated with pre-cast concrete.

Kimera S430 is equipped with weighing systems both for cement and for each aggregate, which assure the maximum precision and repeatability of the recipe.
In particular, it is equipped with the revolutionary ZWeight system, the most advanced gravimetric weighing device in the world, capable of ensuring a maximum error of just 0.02%.The mixing takes place in the 2 continuous augers located at the front of the plant, the second of which rotates horizontally for 180° and can be inclined vertically up to 30° to increase the discharge height. The S430 model is equipped with 2 indipendent conveyor belts for the dosing of two different aggregates; this also allows you to decide whether to use only one of the two, in case you want to produce screed.The S430 system can be equipped with a hydraulic stabilization system to minimize displacement times from one site to another. With this accessory, it is possible to load/unload the unit to/from a truck without the use of other machinery.With the S430 plant, you will get fresh high quality concrete with the required mix design, in the desired quantity and when needed.

MAX PRODUCTION SPEED 30 m³/h - 39.2 yd³/h
HOPPER 1 CAPACITY 2.66 m³ - 3.47 yd³
HOPPER 2 CAPACITY 2.76 m³ - 3.60 yd³
CEMENT SILO CAPACITY 1500 kg - 3306 lb
WATER TANKS CAPACITY 900 l - 238 gal
PLANT HEIGHT 2340 mm - 7' 8"
PLANT LENGTH 4786 mm - 15' 8"
PLANT WIDTH 2200 mm - 7' 2"
BASIC PLANT WEIGHT 3100 kg - 6834 lb
(*) depending on aggregats specific density
  • DIESEL ENGINE Turbodiesel engine with silent pack, 45 KW, including electric battery, hydraulic gear pump and 60 l diesel tank.
  • HYDRAULIC STABILIZATION SYSTEM Hydraulic stabilization system with 4 hydraulic pistons for stabilizing the plant on site. This accessory enables the plant to be loaded/unloaded from truck with no need of other equipment. The plant could work on the 4 pistons.
  • UNLOADING CHUTES 2 mechanical extensions to be hooked at the exit of the second mixer to increase the concrete unloading outreach.
  • LIQUID ADMIXTURE Dosing kit for liquid concrete admixtures consisting of a 30 l capacity tank, a membrane pump with a maximum flow rate of 2.8 l/min and an electronic flow meter.
  • PRINTER The printer allows you to print the production report, even in multiple copies. The header could be personalised with the customer's data.
  • USB PORT Through the USB port you can download an excel report of the last 200 production cycles.