K9 is the best option fpr 8x4 trucks, hooklift systems and small trailers.

K9 is a mobile batching plant able to produce concrete, screed, mortar, cold asphalt
and fibre-reinforced concrete as required at a preferred site by the user. The
plant transports the materials unmixed in separate compartments so that the chosen
mix-design can be done when required on site avoiding any waste and risk
connected with ready mix concrete. Kimera K9 is equipped with a load cell weighing system for both the cement and each inert material which ensures accurate and repeatable mix designs. The final mix is delivered by 2 continuous augers located at the front part of the plant, one of which rotates horizontally by 180° and may be inclined up to 35° to increase the unloading height.
The plant is equipped with 2 independent conveyor belts for delivering 2 different
aggregates, this feature enables the operator, if required, to choose just one of
the 2 aggregates; for example to produce screed instead of concrete.
K9 could be mounted on truck, trailer, semi-trailer, railway cart or any other
mobile vehicle. Mobility and versatility are the main strength points which
make the K9 the best choice for companies in the construction, road works,
infrastructure, ready-mix concrete, recycling and rental sector.
With the Kimera K9 you will get high quality fresh concrete with the mix design you
need at the desired quantity and time required.

MAX PRODUCTION SPEED 60 m³/h - 78 yd³/h
CEMENT SILO CAPACITY 3000 kg - 6613 lb
WATER TANKS CAPACITY 2400 l - 634 gal
PLANT HEIGHT 2500 mm - 8' 2''
PLANT LENGTH 7000 mm - 22' 11''
PLANT WIDTH 2550 mm - 8' 4''
BASIC PLANT WEIGHT 4600 kg - 10141 lb
(*) depending on aggregats specific density
  • DIESEL ENGINE Perkins turbo diesel engine with silent pack, 83 Kw of power, equipped with: automatic min/max accelerator, hydraulic pump, 100 l tank capacity and 100 Ah battery.
  • LIQUID ADMIXTURE SYSTEM Dosing kit for liquid concrete admixtures consisting of 3 tanks, 30 l capacity, each one equipped with a membrane pump and an electromagnetic flowmeter for instantaneous flow control.
  • REMOTE RADIO CONTROL Compact multifunction radio remote control for: START/STOP production cycle, RAISE/LOWER second auger, RAISE/LOWER chute and rotate RIGHT/LEFT second auger.
  • POWDER FEEDER (NORMALLY COLOUR) The powder dispenser (for admixture or colorant) consists of a 150 l capacity silo, with internal stirrer to avoid bridging and a conveying auger. The feeder is mounted on 3 certified OIML R60 C3 load cells, maximum combined error ± 0.02%.
  • POLYPROPYLENE FIBER FEEDER The prechopped polypropylene fiber feeder allows the production of fiber-reinforced concrete in continuous. The silo has a capacity of 150 l and inside there is a stirrer to avoid the bridging in the material. At the bottom a conveyor belt conveys the fibers to the first mixer. The feeder is beared by 3 OIML R60 C3 certified load cells, maximum combined error ± 0.02%.
  • GLASS FIBER FEEDER Continuous feeder for rolled glass fibers. The dispenser can contain a roll of glass fiber and is equipped with an automatic cutting system. The system is beared by 3 OIML R60 C3 certified load cells, maximum combined error ± 0.02%.
  • COLD ASPHALT EMULSION PUMP The bitumen emulsion pump allows to produce cold asphalt even from recycled aggregates. It is preheated by the diesel engine cooling fluid and the system is equipped with an electromagnetic flowmeter for continuous flow control.
  • SAND MICROWAVE HUMIDITY PROBE The sand microwave humidity probe is positioned at the hopper outlet and is immersed in the material to measure the percentage of water contained in it. In automatic mode the system decreases proportionally the water content set in the mix design.
  • PRINTER The printer allows you to print the production report, even in multiple copies. You can change the header, save up to 100 customers and select the customer to print on the production ticket.
  • JET WASHER Jet washer with a maximum pressure of 100 bar. The jet washer can be used when the plant is not producing to clean the augers.
  • HOPPER WEAR RESISTANT COVER The hopper wear resistant cover is made of 10 mm thick polythene sheets, which avoid the wear of the aggregate hoppers structure and can easily be replaced over time.
  • AGGREGATE HOPPER TARPAULIN The aggregate hopper tarpaulin is available in two versions: with tilting arms and with sliding guides.