All Kimera plants are equipped with certified OIML R60 C3 weighing systems that ensure a maximum combined error of 0.02%. Each ingredient is weighed independently to ensure the accuracy of the production cycle. Kimera continuous concrete plants are the only ones in the World to ensure this precision. Thanks to these systems, several customers using Kimera plants are EN 206-1 certified for the industrialized production of concrete.
    The Kimera mixing system is composed of two single-axis continuous augers which ensure a perfect mixing of the concrete, same as the one obtained from fixed mixers. The Kimera mixing system allows to produce different types of materials such as concrete, screed, mortar, cold asphalt and stabilized material. The concrete produced at the time, also called "fresh concrete", is qualitatively better than that transported by truck mixer also for the absence of retarding admixtures, so it offers higher strength with reduced rate of cement, allowing savings in production costs.
    The aggregates double-belt conveyor system allows for maximum dosing precision and versatility of production. The operator may at any time change the mix design and decide whether to use both aggregates or only one, for example for the production of mortar or screed, only dosing sand.
    Kimera plants produce only the required amount, even 0.1 m3. This way you will not get any remainder at the end of the cycle and consequently reducing the overall cost and environmental impact. No more having to pay the remaining concrete in the truck mixer or order an additional load to complete the job. With a Kimera plant you are certain to produce only the amount necessary to your work and even at any time, without downtime due to the truck mixer always in delay.
    The main feature of Kimera volumetric mixers is the extreme mobility. Thanks to the installation on trucks, Kimera mobile plants can be moved easily and directly on the site where it is necessary to produce concrete. Moreover, thanks to their loading capacity, you can serve different sites, with different mix designs, without having to recharge the system, resulting in substantial savings in fuel and time.
    The electronic management system allows to achieve the maximum production versatility. Setting or editing a mix design is extremely simple through the LCD screen, which also allows you to save up to 200 different programs.